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Catrackstrophe 2014: Lincoln Closing for Expo Rail Installation

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Lincoln Boulevard north of the 10 in Santa Monica is normally hellish, but the Expo Construction Authority wants you to be aware it will be another whole ring of the inferno beginning early Monday morning, when rail for the Expo Line extension will start being installed across the boulevard. Starting at 3 am on Monday, April 21 and ending on Monday, April 28 at 6 am, Lincoln will be closed for three blocks, north of Olympic and south of Santa Monica boulevards. North- and southbound drivers will be detoured to Eleventh Street, with turns on Colorado Avenue prohibited. Colorado, where the train will travel in downtown SaMo, will also be closed from Eleventh to Seventh streets; westbound traffic will be detoured to Eleventh and eastbound will be detoured to Seventh. The Lincoln exit of the 10 will remain open, but anyone with brain activity is advised to use the Cloverfield exit. Work crews will be on the scene 24 hours a day to finish the work as quickly as possible—the light rail extension to Santa Monica should open in about a year and a half.
· Lincoln Blvd Track Crossing [Build Expo]