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The Five-Year 405 Freeway Project Finally Ends Next Month

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In Mayor Garcetti's State of the City speech last week, he mentioned that the never-ending work on the 405's northbound carpool lane—the project that brought the world Carmageddon, the Rampture, and Jamzilla—will finally end in May, not October as previously announced. Politicians say a lot of crazy things, but Metro confirms that the carpool lane will in fact be ready for drive-time next month, just half a decade after construction started, along with new bridges and on- and off-ramps and everything else that makes up the $1.1 billion I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvement Project (the first little piece of carpool lane opened last May).

Though an exact day in May has not been finalized, Metro's Dave Sotero tells us "The contractor is currently conducting a series of night-time freeway closures needed to perform final freeway lane restriping and other lane work. You'll see new carpool lane and overhead freeway signs now being installed at the 405 freeway median in West L.A." Some other minor pieces, like landscaping areas of the alignment, will wrap after that (pictured is a dusty mini-desert near the new northbound on-ramp in Westwood). Expect an official ceremony later this year to mark the completion of 405 HOV lanes from OC to the Valley.
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