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Meet the First Million-Dollar Houses of the Highland Park Boom

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It's not quite an all-out million-dollar housing boom like the one that broke out in Silver Lake last year, but the Highland Park housing market is getting to be unbearably hot; last week a house in the 'hood sold for $1 million, way over the list price of $879,000, as Eastsider LA reports. A tipster with knowledge of the details of the sale tells Curbed there were six offers and that the buyers were "Westsiders ... moving in to the area with lots of money to throw around." (Great, because the houses weren't already unaffordable enough in this neighborhood.) The house, near Occidental College, is not the only recent million-dollar sale in Highland Park. Another residence to the east, in the Garvanza neighborhood (technically part of HP), sold for $1.15 million last April. (Before that, there don't appear to have been any million-dollar sales in the neighborhood since the nineties.) What's so great about these houses? Let's take a look at what $1 million buys you in Highland Park.

↑The brokerbabble for this "modern love-fest love-nest" is hilarious, but it also paints a picture of the lifestyle that you're buying with this 1926 house. You become the kind of person who grins at the sight of their backyard "Fountain of Youth, in which the local pirate raccoons fancy bathing in from time to time," a person who knows that the answer to the question "What is better than fire?" is "More fire, times two, back to back." You also become the kind of person who knows what that means, apparently. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house has a deck, a large yard (the lot is 8,500 square feet!), and wood and tile flooring throughout. It sold last week, on April 11, for $1 million, $121,000 over the asking price.

↑ This five-level, 3,070-square-foot Garvanza house has it all figured out. Per the listing, "[i]nside, the first two floors feature four spacious bedrooms, three baths, an updated kitchen, dining room and living room with dramatic ceiling heights and gas fireplace. The lower level is all about fun -- a game room with wet bar, a media room with another full bath and access to a large entertaining deck." There is also a pretty awesome pool and a firepit in the spacious backyard. The house sold for $1.15 million in April 2013.
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