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SaMo Upgrading Big Blue Bus Stops With Fancy New Shelters

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It was nearly four and a half years ago that the Santa Monica City Council gave the greenlight to the Bus Stop Improvement Project, which included fancy new shelters for Big Blue Bus stops, but work has finally just begun on building the shelters. LOHA Architects designed the structures, which feature shading that takes into account the movement of the sun and seats that can swivel away from blinding light. The stops will be made of recycled and reclaimed materials and employ high-efficiency LED lights, rainwater capture, and solar power—the most heavily-used stops will include real-time bus arrival information. Bus stops began closing to make way for the new shelters on March 31 along Lincoln Boulevard and Main Street in SaMo and last Friday along Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards; signage indicates alternative locations for boarding. More than 300 bus stops are being upgraded and work should wrap in two years.

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