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Here's a Map of All 2,043 Los Angeles Bike Crashes in 2012

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The MIT Media Lab's Social Computing Group has created a really delightful project called You Are Here (via io9): "Every day for the next year, we will make a map of a city in which we have lived. Each of these maps will be an aggregation of thousands of microstories, tracing the narratives of our collective experience." One of their first endeavors is an interactive map with points for every one of the 2,043 bike crashes reported in Los Angeles in 2012, plus data on which streets are the most crash-prone (longer ones, naturally) and Google Street View for each crash area (a lot of nastily-wide intersections).

Olympic, 72 crashes
Venice, 63
Sunset, 55
Van Nuys, 54
Pico, 52
Washington, 49
Vermont, 49
Sherman, 46
Wilshire, 43
Western, 42
· Biking Accidents, Los Angeles [You Are Here]