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Rent in the Old Hollywood Apartments From Sunset Boulevard

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If you're a struggling screenwriter in need of cheap digs, at least until you find a nice sugarmama to keep you in vicuña, you might be interested to know that there are vacancies in Hollywood's Alto Nido Apartments. Immortalized in Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard as the home of down-on-his-luck scribe Joe Gillis, the Spanish Colonial Revival complex was designed in 1929 by architect SJ Pedersen. According to the trusty Movieland Directory, the Alto Nido (or "high nest") has seen its fair share of successful residents as well, including Fatty Arbuckle, Claudette Colbert, George Cukor, and of course Al "Grandpa Munster" Lewis. Per the Craigslist posting, the five-story building currently has studios and one-bedroom units available, with rents starting at $1,150 per month.

· $1150 / 850ft² - STUDIO & 1B/1B HISTORIC ALTO NIDO [Craigslist]