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42 New LOHA Apartments Headed For Miracle Mile Parking Lot

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A parking lot just behind the historic Wilshire-Dominguez building in Miracle Mile is going to become a 42-unit residential complex designed by architect Lorcan O'Herlihy's firm LOHA, reports Building LA. Back in January, Park La Brea News reported that the neighborhood association and the president of Carnegie Properties, which owns the lot and the Wilshire-Dominguez Building, loved the designs' Art Deco details, stone-cast exterior, and the "vertical element" that echoes the lines of the WD. The new building will have underground parking to be shared with its neighbor. (It is, after all, taking away a surface parking lot.) Just up the block is LOHA's 749 Cloverdale, six very metallic condos that hit the market about a year ago. Between that, LA's "most-hated" apartment complex, and fellow historic-building-adjacent project Desmond on Wilshire, there's a whole lot of new residential coming to the Mile.

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