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Get Inside Schindler's Only Church, Newly Back From the Dead

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Bethlehem Baptist Church in Central-Alameda is the only built church ever designed by the renowned modernist architect Rudolph Schindler and "the lone example of Modernist architecture to cross Los Angeles's economic and racial boundaries during the era of Jim Crow housing covenants," according to a Cultural Heritage Commission report (it was built in 1944). But when the city finally gave it landmark status in 2009, it had been abandoned for years, its owner was MIA, and it was rundown and covered in graffiti. There was no savior in sight. A few years later, some saviors have finally shown up: a group of designers and architects are working on restoring the church and a new congregation, Faith Build International, will be moving in. We'll be taking a full photo tour next week, but you can go visit yourself tomorrow, when the church will be holding an open house. Here's the flyer and all the information.
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