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Porn-Adjacent Nudist Ranch in Malibu Asking $2.6 Million

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The first thing that caught our eye about this mid-century ranch-style house on two acres in the secluded hills of Malibu is not the copious animal hides, animal print, or velvet in the decor, nor is it the presence of two outdoor bars. No, the real showstopper here is that this residenceclaims to have an outdoor spa for 20. What kind of nonstop revelry could possibly require a spa that accommodates 20 people? The party people who owned this house were, according to two reliable tipsters and an illuminating LA Times article from 1999, lively nudists who loved to throw parties and, on their neighboring property (Dry Gulch Ranch), filmed everything from John Wayne documentaries to porn, much to the consternation of the neighbors. Such range! (We hope there is plenty of chlorine in that spa.) All that animal print is starting to make sense. The property also comes with a separate garage, art studio, and guesthouse, and solar panels that "supply much of the energy." Asking price is $2.6 million.

· 12460 Yellow Hill Rd., Malibu, CA 90265 [Redfin]
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