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Will DTLA's Angels Flight Funicular Ever Be Able to Reopen?

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Since a derailment last September (nobody was hurt), Downtown's Angels Flight funicular has been out of commission, and without some strongly recommended repairs, it's not likely to be carrying passengers any time soon, the Downtown News reported earlier this week. The California Public Utilities Commission (which regulates public utilities and railways) and the National Transportation Safety Board want a walkway built next to the track in case of future evacuations, and they think the stumpy gates in place at either end of the train cars should be raised enough to prevent passenger ejection in the event of a short stop. (Yes, please!) According to the Angels Flight Railway Foundation's president, these recommendations are more or less the only things holding up the railway reopening, saying that mechanical and electrical improvements (no more fixing problems with tree branches) have already been made. There's presently no timetable for the world's shortest railway to begin offering rides again.
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