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One of the Last Googie Supermarkets in SoCal is Gone

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The 1960s Googie-style façade of the Superior Grocers supermarket in Highland Park has been demolished and the store will soon begin its transformation into a "faux-Craftsman" for some reason. (Googie is an irreverent Jet Age style that was born in SoCal; think of LAX's theme building or a Norms diner.) The building came close to receiving landmark status to protect its retro exterior, and LA's Cultural Heritage Commission, two neighborhood councils, and some local preservationists all supported the measure, hoping to preserve the "historic character" of the Superior. But after Councilmember Gil Cedillo opposed the landmarking, it was rejected this past fall. Architecture fans are devastated but several Superior customers have commented on Eastsider LA that they agree that the façade was outdated and welcome the remodel. The mid-century supermarket was one of more than a hundred designed by architect Ronald Cleveland; it was also one of the few remaining examples of Googie supermarkets in SoCal, according to former Councilmember Ed Reyes. And now there's one less.

[Before image via LA Conservancy/ After image via Eastsider LA]
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