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Sunset Strip Now Has a Fancy Architectural Billboard Structure

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The Sunset Strip is getting an eye-catching new two-billboard structure, near La Cienega, designed by an actual architect and rendered in a can't-miss bright blue, because you don't want to miss the ads just because you're focusing on the road. The structures, designed by Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects, are "inspired by the stream of traffic coursing below" and intended to invoke the blue skies of Los Angeles with their bold color, the firm's principal tells WeHoville (which also has a cool slideshow showing the installation). This new structure is taller than its predecessor, a double billboard with one ad facing each direction of traffic that was once referred to as the "least effective of all the billboards on the Strip." But of course the structure already has detractors: one reader wrote in to Curbed to express disdain for the project, calling it "absolutely horrible. It looks like something from a Transformer movie hulking over Sunset. I'd much rather see ad wraps on the sides of buildings then these big metal structures protruding over the shops and restaurants on Sunset Plaza. Really disappointing."