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$102-Million Fleur de Lys Megamansion Renting For $400k

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Oh, well then, it's all starting to make perfect sense in Holmby Hills: some insane billionaire threw down a record $102 million in cash (IN CASH) to buy the disgustingly over-the-top Fleur de Lys estate as an income property. He probably read about Los Angeles's rental shortage. The estate, which sat on the market for about seven years before finally selling a couple weeks ago in a bidding war, is now up for rent at $400,000. As the LA Times points out, Beverly House in Beverly Hills is now leasing for $600,000 (and selling for $135 million), so Fleur de Lys is actually a bargain. Except that Beverly House is handsome and historic and Fleur de Lys is a pathetically hypertrophied temple of tacky vanity built in 2002. Paging Tamara Ecclestone!

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Fleur de Lys

350 N. Carolwood Dr., Los Angeles, CA