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Playa Vista's Newest Silicon Beach Rentals Start at $2,490

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Here now to very heavily cater to the tech people of Silicon Beach is Millennium del Rey with 196 new "luxury" units and lots of amenities in Playa Vista ("an eclectic, LA-cool hub"). If you are a dog-owning, bike-riding surfer who enjoys sort-of boring, boxy apartment buildings, you're going to want to take a look at this place. MilldelRey has one-, two-, and three-bedrooms with energy-efficient windows and appliances, tech-y bonuses like built-in Apple TVs, and some just-for-the-heck-of-it extras like a dog park with pet-washing area, an "outdoor fitness circuit" that overlooks the complex's pool, a "bike kitchen" and surfboard storage. Rents look to start at $2,490 for a one-bed/one-bath and $3,400 for a two-bed/two-bath. Expensive, but then again, most things in this neck of the woods are.

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