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Huge Apartment Project Headed For Marina del Rey Waterfront

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Marina del Rey is set to get a huge, tourist-friendly waterfront makeover, but there are some enormous new accommodations for residents on the way too. Building LA reported recently that AMLI Residential is planning a huge development with 585 units at Via Marina and Panay Way, at the top of what the MdR makeover plans designate a residential district. The project, which runs right along the water on an L-shaped parcel, would replace some existing buildings; LA County records show that the development will have six buildings, each five stories high. All units will have balconies, and residents will have access to outdoor pools and barbecue facilities, so if you end up living here, party at your house! The documents AMLI presented for the final design review describe a development modeled on a nautical, maritime theme and intended to make residents feel like they're living on a boathouse.

A huge part of the project's latest design tweaks were geared toward easing public access to the waterfront and the boating areas. There will now be "view corridors" between several of the buildings that will be treated as public open spaces and intended to increase pedestrian access for both residents and the public, who would use the corridors to get to the waterfront promenade and the marina itself.
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