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First Look at 34-Story Tower Planned For Wilshire/Barrington

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Tonight, the persnickety planning and land use management committee of the West LA Neighborhood Council takes up the issue of the proposed 34-story tower at Wilshire and Stoner Avenue (near Barrington) in Brentwood. The project, called the Landmark Apartments, is from developer *Douglas Emmett and has a lot going for it: it's on the site of an abandoned Pavilions grocery store; it includes a one-story, Wilshire-facing retail building (replacing part of a surface parking lot); and the design is, well, inoffensive, judging by these renderings. What might scare the PLUM committee is, of course, potential TRAFFIC! generated by people traveling to and from the tower's 376 units and 4,700 square feet of commercial space, but maybe they'll be reminded that residential buildings produce less traffic than an equivalent office tower or shorter retail building.

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