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Feel-Good Prank Turns Homeless Shelter Into Fancy Restaurant

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April Fools Day 101: Trick someone into believing that something impossible has happened, laugh with or at them when they discover their mistake. An internet-famous do-gooder and a chef who has a show on Oprah's OWN Network have flipped the script a bit in their lovely punking at Glendale homeless shelter Ascencia (most recently in the news for being relegated to a hidden corner of the city so people with homes don't ever have to see homeless people). The impossible thing—the opposite of what usually happens every day—is that these homeless people were treated to a multi-course dinner (filet mignon!), served by a staff of waiters and a maître d' in a tux, and treated nicely by everyone. No one was made fun of, but there was certainly laughing, smiling, and general joviality, so ultimately, it's a big win. Warning: At the end of the video, someone cuts an onion or something.

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