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Minnelli's Forgotten Estate, Santa Monicans and Development

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[Making learning fun. Curbed goes inside the new Emerson College building on Sunset Blvd. Photo by Elizabeth Daniels]

This Week's Top Stories: The forgotten Vincent Minnelli's old estate in Beverly Hills is now in squalor, having been ransacked by squatters, and we have some of the terrible pictures. Much of the music you hear today is coming out of LA's home recording studios, so join us for a tour of some of these not-quite-legal work spaces. An apartment in a West Hollywood building designed by Leland Bryant is claiming that Marilyn Monroe lived there, and now it can be yours for $3,500 per month. For those of you still tied to commuting by car (feel sads), here are the worst times to drive for each freeway in LA. A great looking little house perched above Silver Lake Reservoir is asking $1.595 million, and according to commenter palgeorge it was the personal residence of architect Albert Martin. A survey of attitudes toward development in Santa Monica has revealed that opinions split along racial and age characteristics, with Latinos being in strong support of new development. Take a gander at DJ Avicii's new home in the Bird Streets that only cost him $15.55 million. What were you doing at 24? Loser.