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Franklin Hills Residents Suing Neighbor Over Wind Chimes

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The good people of Los Feliz certainly do prize their peace and quiet. According to Echo Park Patch, three residents (in two houses) in Franklin Hills have filed a nuisance lawsuit against a neighbor who installed "two sets of cathedral-sized chimes" between her home and the homes of the others and, despite complaints, refuses to permanently remove them. (They say she "either ignores [their complaints] completely or takes the chimes down temporarily only to install them a short time later.") Wait—are they saying that this woman's chimes are the size of cathedrals? Further reading of the lawsuit suggests they might be: "When there is even a small amount of wind, the wind chime noise is so loud that plaintiffs are forced to wear earplugs at night ... [and] to turn on fans and ... noise machines in an attempt to drown out the noise." They also claim they have to sleep in other parts of their houses to avoid the clanging; working from home is impossible. This all could have been avoided if they'd just stolen the chimes and pretended not to know anything when the issue first came up.
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