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Bus-Stop City Adds Colorful Guerrilla Seating at Transit Stops

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Tired of waiting for someone else to improve the lack of seating at transit hubs, guerrilla seating advocates Bus-Stop City announced that they have taken action at a Mid-City stop near Venice and Fairfax, installing much-needed and quite handsome chairs at the busy corner. (As is visible from the picture, this stop, like many in Los Angeles, maxes out at seating for three.) "These modular stools hijack existing bus stop areas and allow riders to have a seat while they wait." The seats are color-coordinated to match the buses that pass by (red for rapid buses, orange for locals) and, in a bold move, are not bolted or chained to anything. BSC acknowledges that this means the stools will likely be used "to serve functions unimagined by the designers," which is a nice way of saying that they expect some to be stolen or have genitalia drawn on them and they're not worried about it.