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Hotel Conversion Actually Moving at DTLA's Trinity Auditorium

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Downtown's Ninth Street is hopping with FIDM students hanging in Grand Hope Park and canvas-bagged shoppers heading to and from Ralphs, and the area will see even more foot traffic soon when the nearby Eighth and Hope and Onni towers come online. Has New York-based Chetrit Group decided it's the right time to finally reactivate the nearby Trinity Auditorium and Embassy Hotel, which they've owned for years and hope to open as the Empire Hotel?

Blogger/broker Brigham Yen is heartened to see that plywood is finally coming down from the ground-level windows, which all have new glass, and that construction crews are polishing metal doors at the century-old beauty. There are even mattresses being delivered!

Wait, we know Chetrit is ok with the idea of letting new mattresses sit in a shuttered building—that's exactly what they did in 2011 with the old Clark Hotel on Hill Street, which they also own and have been planning to turn into a hotel (last we heard is a labor dispute is holding the Clark up). Yen acknowledges the Trinity/Embassy lobby has seen very little progress, but believes the guest rooms are coming along. The renovation plans included a sprucing up for the 12,000-square-foot theater, groundfloor restaurant, large outdoor garden, lobby bar, and lounge. Come on Chetrit, what are you waiting for?
· Mystery Unfolding: Plywood Removed, Mattresses Delivered at Trinity Auditorium in Downtown LA [BY]

Embassy Hotel

831 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA