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Beverly Hills Votes Down Bike Lanes For Santa Monica Blvd.

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Oh Beverly Hills, does Complete Streets Day mean nothing to you? The city's already underwhelming bike plan (three routes and no protected lanes) could have been bulked up considerably with the addition of bike lanes along Santa Monica Boulevard, but the city council crushed any possibility of that yesterday, voting 3 to 2 against the idea. Summarizes Better Bike: "[C]onsider the lanes dead, dead, dead." (BB also Tweeted that this action was a slap in the face to LA's bike community.) Some councilmembers against the plan called the lanes "a bridge to nowhere," incorrectly suggesting that they wouldn't link up to any other lanes. (WeHo and Los Angeles have plans to do just that.) The rejected class II lanes (painted on the street to separate bikes from traffic) were just one part of the Santa Monica Reconstruction Project, a $16-million project to upgrade the part of the street within the city's boundaries.
· Council Slaps Back: No Bike Lanes for SM Blvd [BB]