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New LA River-Adjacent Park on the Way in Elysian Valley

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Since last summer, Elysian Valley's Marsh Park has been undergoing a $3.2-million transformation to turn it into an ultimate rest stop for cyclists along the LA River bike path and a legit park with a meadow, workout stations, restrooms, outdoor classroom space, parking for 43 cars, and a covered picnic area for 200, says Eastsider LA, which snapped a shot of the picnic shelter currently under construction. When completed, the park will hook up with the existing nature and skate parks on Marsh Street, and, of, course, with the river path. The project is due to be finished this summer, when we can only hope for a repeat of all the fanfare that the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority organized to announce the project's start: Marshmallows! Campfires! Night hikes! Birdwatching! The MRCA will be extra-busy this summer; they're also overseeing a summertime river rec zone that will be just upstream from Marsh Park.
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