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The Absolute Worst Times to Drive on Every Freeway in LA

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When you're creeping through traffic for what will amount to years and years of your life, it probably seems like you're navigating the worst traffic anywhere in the country. Congratulations, you're right: Los Angeles does have the absolute worst traffic in the US, says the latest data from traffic analysis site Inrix (via CBS LA). In 2013, Angelenos spent 64.4 hours in traffic—that's five more hours than we wasted in 2012, when we were also the city with the worst traffic. This month alone, Inrix estimates, Angelenos each wasted about five hours just sitting in traffic. Inrix also highlighted the nation's 10 worst traffic corridors, four of which are in LA. We bet you won't even have to think very hard to guess what they are.

2013's worst places to drive in the United States are:
#2: 10 East between Twentieth Street and Alameda (Worst delay: 50 minutes!)
#3: 405 North between Century Boulevard and Getty Center Drive
#7: 5 South between Cesar Chavez and Valley View Avenues
#9: 101 North between the 60/Soto Street and Haskell Avenue

And here are all the stats on every freeway through Los Angeles, including the worst day and times each week to drive them—on Thursdays at 6 pm, it'll take a driver more than an hour to traverse the full 14.89 miles of that stretch of the 10 that's the second worst in the US. Basically, if you must drive on a Thursday or Friday evening, take surface streets.

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