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Peer Into the Purple Line's Fossil-Filled Exploratory Shaft

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Of course the Purple Line extension "exploratory shaft" they're digging across from LACMA and the La Brea Tar Pits turns up awesome fossils. It would have been so disappointing if deep digging on Wilshire didn't unearth anything of note—it's so close to those mammoths. What exactly did Metro find? According to The Source, lots of fossils of "clams, sand dollars ... parts of the cone and seeds for digger pine trees" and a rock with a sea lion skull inside of it that's estimated to be more than two million years old. The 65-foot-deep hole in the ground is being dug as part-exploration, part-confirmation of what's already known about the area (e.g. what not to hit when you're digging a subway tunnel), the former being the more fun, of course. Oh man, see what you're missing out on Beverly Hills?

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