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Here's Swedish DJ Aviici's Insane Bird Streets Mansion

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Despite looking too young to buy cigarettes, insanely successful 24-year-old Swedish DJ Avicii (Tim Bergling) was probably able to buy this 7,000-square-foot house with just a few months working at a reported $200,000 a night. According to The Pinnacle List, the DJ picked it up last fall; Redfin shows he paid $15.55 million. The five-bedroom, seven-bathroom house has breathtaking panoramic views, as well as an incredibly elaborate water feature that begins at the entry to the house, flows into an "ornamental pool," then into a 75-foot-long lap pool, and finally enters a "cantilevered wet-edge infinity pool" that hangs over the sloping hillside. The house is also outfitted to deter extra-enthusiastic fans with a security system that uses fingerprint recognition technology. Truly a home for an entertainer whose deafening, bass-thumping acts are punctuated with fireworks and smoke machines.

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