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See Some of the Lovely Houses of the Berkshire Craftsman and Revival Bungalow District

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The Berkshire Craftsman and Revival Bungalow District was supposedly designated a national historic district back in 1995, says the LA Times (we couldn't find it actually listed), but that was the last bit of press that the triangle of bungalows in El Sereno has gotten. Since then, it's been a sort of hidden jewel, often jokingly referred to as "FauxPas" (for its likeness to South Pasadena), says Eastsider LA. But it's getting more attention since Councilmember Jose Huizar introduced a motion to create a historic preservation overlay zone in the neighborhood that would preserve the "best example of Arroyo culture in El Sereno, with significant architectural design and distinguished landscaping of early 1900s-style railway subdivisions" for generations to come. The streets in the Berkshire District became popular when Pacific Electric Railway lines and stations in the area popped up around the turn of the century. We've pulled together some of the houses that could be included in the HPOZ if it passes. They really do look like someone plucked them out of South Pas.

· Councilman proposes El Sereno's first historic district [ELA]