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SaMo NIMBYs Will Even Protest a Church Open One Hour a Week

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To the casual observer, it may seem that there are a lot worse neighbors than a church. Try telling that to a handful of delicate, high-strung flowers living near Santa Monica's Grant Elementary School, which is being used on Sundays as a place of worship. The LA Times says some people are complaining that that City of God church—which rents out the school for just one hour on that one day a week—is a disruption to the neighborhood serenity and is creating an enormous "environmental impact" in the one hour once a week they are there, and wants the church to find another place to gather. Says one whiny resident, "When I moved into the neighborhood, I knew what I was getting into ... We didn't buy into the fact that it would be a church on Sundays," which, as everyone knows, is pretty much the worst thing that could ever happen to you.

Meanwhile, the rental fee the church pays to the school board is funding some needed upgrades, like new chairs and a paint job for the auditorium, and the church has already acquiesced to requests it change the hours of its service and has reduced what was called "excessive" signage. The complaints keep coming from what can only be people who are very used to getting their way, but because the church hasn't actually broken any rules or terms of its agreement with the school board, it's likely that this unbearable weekly cacophony will continue.
· Neighbors accuse church of too much joyful noise [LAT]