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Holy Shit: Notoriously Unsellable Fleur de Lys Sells For Record-Busting $102 Million in Holmby Hills

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Updated 3:55 pm: Fleur de Lys, the gaudy Frenchish estate that didn't look like it was ever going to sell, has just sold for more than any other house in Los Angeles County ever: $102 million. In an all-cash sale. $102 million. In cash. Paid by a single human being. Riot in the streets, proletariat—what further provocation could you possibly be looking for? Texas folk David I. and Suzanne Saperstein built Fleur de Lys back in 2002 (it was modeled after a French palace and given a French-palace-type name because rich people have no sense of irony or, apparently, dread), but the couple split up shortly after it was finished, and Suzanne put it up for sale in 2007 asking a ludicrous-sounding $125 million (she never wavered on that price once in seven years).

The property is 4.6 acres and includes 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, two motor courts, a pool/spa complex, a tennis court, formal gardens, a ballroom for 500, a two-story library, a tennis court, a music room, a commercial kitchen, a cutlery room, a staff dining room, staff offices, security center, and a 3,000-square-foot wine cellar and tasting room. According to the LA Times, which first reported the sale, "Imported limestone blocks enclose a massive steel frame, set on rollers in the foundation, to safeguard the structure in an earthquake." Fleur de Lys sold in a bidding war among three billionaires, all of whom are clearly very stupid about money. This beats LA's former highest sale price, set in 2000 when Dole chief David Murdock sold his Casa Encantada (which is at least historic!) to Garry Winnick for $94 million. Update: The LA Times has updated its story to say taxes will be mailed to a law firm located at Santa Monica's Milken Institute, but that a rep has denied that either the Milken Institute or founder, "junk bond king" Michael Milken bought the house.

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Fleur de Lys

350 N. Carolwood Dr., Los Angeles, CA