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Peek Inside San Bernardino's Eerily Unused Airport

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[Images via KPCC Audio Vision]

LAX has so many people constantly flowing through it that it's spending over a hundred million dollars just to mitigate traffic. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, there is the totally barren San Bernardino International Airport. It would be hard to imagine anyone getting lost in this converted Air Force base, though if anyone did, we wish them luck on trying to find an employee to ask for directions. The airport may not have any travelers or airline desk attendants, or even any flights scheduled to arrive on or depart from its runway, but it looks very cool as seen in these photos from KPCC's Audio Vision. The international terminal (completed about a month ago) and its domestic terminal (finished three years ago) are both in pristine condition because they've never been used; while the executive director says "We've seen some real interest" and had nice long talks with nine airlines, but none have actually signed up to use the airport yet. "It immediately reminded me of 'The Langoliers,' a novel by Stephen King that takes place inside an empty airport trapped in a 'time rip' where there are no humans," says the author/photographer. And a Stephen King book is probably about the last thing you want to be reminded of right before getting on an airplane.

· Inside San Bernardino's Deserted Airport [KPCC]