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Here's the "Cultural EcoDistrict" Little Tokyo Hopes to Become

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The Little Tokyo Service Center and the Little Tokyo Community Council have spent the last 18 months working with the LT community on a plan for a "sustainable Cultural EcoDistrict." According to Rafu Shimpo, a sustainable Cultural EcoDistrict is more or less what it sounds like: a comprehensive plan outlining the hopes that Little Tokyoites have for future development in their 'hood—in this case, the community is hoping to see resources conserved, eco-conscious infrastructure created (e.g., graywater filtration for use in landscaping, stormwater collection planters), and "affordable housing, cultural facilities, creative office space, and pedestrian oriented retail" included in the future of the neighborhood, while still preserving the Japanese culture and traditions that have been a part of the area for 130 years. (Little Tokyo's one-hundred-thirtieth anniversary is this year, in fact.) This is just a "visioning document," a kind of wishlist, but the groups hope to work with the city and private developers to make it happen.

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