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Inside Whisper's Santa Monica HQ, Up For Rent Now For $16k

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For the adults in the crowd (hi!), Whisper is an app where teens post anonymous "secrets" like "I have a serious fear of mentally challenged people" and "It's in our prenup that if my husband cheats, I get everything. He hit me one night so i paid a woman to fuck him and get pics. Our divorce settles 3pm today and I become a multimillionaire." (Real Whispers happening right now!) Obviously it is insanely valuable ($100 million as of its last funding round), with billions of pageviews a month, and getting too big for its headquarters, a charming and expensive bungalow not far from PCH in Santa Monica. CNET reported in January that the neighbors are pissed that Whisper is running a 32-employee business out of a house (tech companies love this kind of thing because it gives them a good excuse to keep their workers at work), and word is the company is planning on moving into a real office space. Now here's their house up for rent for $16,000 a month. It comes with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, an eat-in kitchen, dining room, den, pool, basketball court, and a detached two-bedroom guesthouse. (Judging by recent photos, the house is no longer yellow.)

· 225 Georgina Ave []