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Echo Park's Huge Sunset Gateway Project Goes Mixed-Use

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The Echo Park neighborhood council signed off last week on the huge Sunset Gateway project now that developer Aragon Properties has made it even bigger, added retail, and, of course, majorly upped the parking. The project, slated for Sunset and Everett, , just west of the high-rent Elysian Apartments, includes two buildings with 214 units (14 of them designated for low-income tenants) and could arrive by late 2016, reports Eastsider LA. The Sunset Gateway would be one of the neighborhood's largest developments, extending from 1185 to 1245 Sunset Boulevard, and possibly rising up to five stories.

This most recent version of the project was reworked by Canadian developers Aragon Properties after they faced a deluge of criticism for their first design: Sunset Gateway is now a little shorter than initially planned, and has 8,000 square feet of groundfloor retail and more parking (279 spaces total).

Even though the neighborhood council approved the project (in an advisory vote), it was obvious that many board members wished it were smaller. Forget size: what's the rent going to look like over here? As one resident said "All we are doing is helping [the developer] price us out of our own neighborhood."
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