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Tiny Desert Town Getting Flying Saucer Hotel With Alien Pool

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The desert town of Baker ("Gateway to Death Valley") has 780 people, no stop lights, a broken giant thermometer, and a really successful jerky shack to its name, but one resident, jerky shack proprietor Luis Ramallo, is hoping to add an alien-themed, UFO-shaped, 31-room hotel to its list of highlights, says the LA Times. Baker is usually just a place to get gas or buy snacks (hence, the popularity of Ramallo's store, Alien Fresh Jerky), but he's hoping that people will stay a while longer if they have a weird, spacey place to cool their heels. (There are no final renderings out yet, but the hotel has been designed by a prop/theme park attraction designer, so it will probably be over the top and awesome.)

The San Bernardino County planning commission already approved the 25,900-square-foot, three-story hotel, which will have an on-site restaurant, museum, alien-head-shaped pool (judging from the plans), spa and gift shop, plus a 5,600-square-foot, two-story office building with a "pool bar," on the lot where Ramallo's store is located. In all, the project will cost Ramallo and his investors an estimated $25 million. Unluckily for the construction crew, Ramallo's hoping to start construction this summer, when that giant thermometer is usually ready to burst (when it's not broken).
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