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Extremely Dog-Friendly Cabin in Silver Lake Asking $995k

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Here's a listing that dog-lovers and "doge"-lovers are likely to find appealing. Located in the hills above Silver Lake Boulevard, just north of Sunset, the rustic residence was built in 1922 and features three bedrooms, two baths, hardwood floors, beamed ceilings, French windows, balconies, decks, and "expansive views." But the key selling point emphasized by the filter-heavy photos, which appear to be pulled from someone's Instagram feed, would be its woodsy, fenced-in lot of nearly 10,000 square feet—i.e., roomy enough for a whole pack of adorable canine companions. Listed on January 2 at $1.045 million, the property has since been chopped to $995,000.

· 1317 Silver Lake Blvd [Estately]