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Mixed-Use Hotel Plaza La Reina Tops Off in Sluggish Westwood

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The 44-room, five-story Plaza la Reina hotel in Westwood laid down its top floor recently, moving closer to completion after fits and starts of work dating back to 2009; unsurprisingly, money woes were to blame for the major stallage. The Moule & Polyzoides-designed property will have a lobby and restaurant on the ground floor when it opens later this year, and is one of three large developments under construction in Westwood—the other two are the mixed-use Westwood Mann project and a fancy movie theater on Wilshire Boulevard. The neighborhood is working hard to reinvent itself and attract interesting retailers to its many empty storefronts. Speaking of which, Westwood just lost a U-Mini (an Umami concept), but is gaining a salad place. Maybe that'll play better with the office workers and coeds.

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