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Buy Chinatown's 1926 Live/Work Kim Sing Theatre For $4.5MM

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The Kim Sing Theatre on Figueroa in Chinatown began its life in 1926 as a vaudeville theater, then was used as a movie theater, and sometime later was purchased by Harrison Ford's son Willard Ford and transformed into a live/work/event space with a full bar, an interior courtyard "oasis," and a big, cool neon sign out front (with the help of XTen Architects). The residential aspect of the space is a three-bedroom, four-bathroom, "3,500 square foot, 2-story residential loft." Party central! There are also six retail spaces and a two-story office and showroom, so if you play your cards right, this place can eventually pay for itself. The asking price is $4.5 million.

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