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2nd Annual Hotels Week, Bringing Back Broadway with Light

[Curbed went inside the new The Line Hotel in Koreatown. Photo by Elizabeth Daniels]

This Week's Top Stories: It was a whirlwind of hotel stories during Curbed's second annual Hotels Week, so please be sure to check out the summary of what you might have missed. On the do not miss list, please include a tour through the new The Line Hotel in Koreatown and an unforgettable overnight stay at the Snooty Fox Motor Inn. A report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition says Angelenos need to make $27/hour to afford a typical two bedroom apartment in LA. A massive $3 billion new development is planned for the former Rocketdyne site in Warner Center and it actually includes high-rise buildings. The City's Bringing Back Broadway initiative is doling out $750k to buildings along the downtown corridor to light up the beautiful old facades. The fight over access to a close-up view of the Hollywood Sign through Beachwood Canyon continues, with installation of a new gate in the works and neighbors pushing to close the Hollyridge Trail gate permanently. The over-the-top, 24,000 square foot Liongate Estate in Bel Air, formerly owned by Kenny Rogers, is now on the market for $65 million. Cal Poly Pomona students have put their minds to good work, coming up with scenarios for restoration of each of the 51 miles of the LA River.