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Rating the 5 Least Depressing LAX Airport Hotels

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It's a small pool and a tall order: airport hotels that don't make you instantly sad upon arrival. We've rounded up the five least depressing ones around LAX, but they all still have something about them that is likely to set your bottom lip a-quiver. Will they make you fork over money to get the internet? Will they expect you to pay $20 for a continental breakfast? We've devised a rating system based on the number of slow, sad tears you can expect to cry at each hotel. Each of the places on the list, by virtue of being within five miles of an airport, starts off with one tear. The lower the score, the less depressing the hotel. Which airport lodging will cause you the least emotional distress? You'll just have to read on to find out.

↑ Like a thrice-held-back eighth grader playing junior high football, the beachview Inn at Playa del Rey has an unfair advantage. It's got a view of wetlands and a bird sanctuary; the staff pumps you full of free wine, snacks, and homemade cookies throughout the day; your rate includes a full breakfast; it is a place people intentionally go when they are on vacation. But because this hotel is geared toward people who want to get away, you're really in the middle of fricking nowhere (one tear). The inn is about five miles from LAX, and you're going to have to pay to get yourself to the airport because there is no free shuttle here (two tears).
Rating (+1):

↑ The Renaissance LAX has some strengths: the gym has windows, they have name-brand bath products, and there's a pool? Your hopes are high, which makes it all the more painful when you realize that they will make you pay for $18 for a continental breakfast (one tear), $24 for that luscious buffet (one tear). WiFi in the comfort of your own room will also cost you (one tear), and if you were hoping to watch Netflix, you should probably buy the faster internet (one tear). You could get wireless for free, but you have to go out to the lobby ... where there are strangers (one tear).
Rating (+1):

↑ The Embassy Suites North will make you pay for wireless internet (two tears), but they're going to give you free food and afternoon booze. Because these are suites, you'll have more space, which could either make you feel sadder (look at all that empty space, boo-hoo) or give you room to have mood-lifting, one-(wo)man dance parties with your iPod. Another way to boost your mood would be to swim some laps in the indoor pool. Forgot your suit? Now you're sweating alone in the windowless gym (one tear).
Rating (+1):

↑ The Hilton Garden Inn has a pool, gym, jacuzzi, complimentary WiFi, happy hour with free snacks, and cookies every night, but you're going to get dinged on breakfast (one tear). If you don't want to pay for that, you could always walk to get some fast food, but then you're eating fast food in an airport hotel room (one tear). It's also close enough to the Green Line that one Yelp reviewer reported being able to hear the train announcer from their room (one tear).
Rating (+1):

↑ Mother of mercy, Hyatt Place, is that an outdoor FIREPLACE? Complimentary WiFi and free hot breakfast? The standard rooms are not gigantic here, but it's amazing how a simple partition can make things look less depressing. Wait, is there anything wrong with this place? Aside from the obligatory tear for being within a few minutes of an airport, this hotel seems to be our winner.
Rating (+1):

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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

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