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Bel Air Megamansion Liongate Hitting the Market for $65 Million

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This place has really changed since country musician/chicken roaster Kenny Rogers owned it in the 1970s. It was a humbler estate then, when Rogers, a Leo and apparent astrology buff, put two lions at the front gate and bestowed the logical nickname Liongate upon the property. Up until very recently, the house was designed by noted architect Paul R. Williams and was 9,359 square feet, but, for the last three years, the anonymous Europeans who own the property have been intensively expanding—the house is now a veritable palace at 24,000 square feet, reports the Wall Street Journal. And now, before the work is even finished, they're putting it up for sale. (The scope of the expansion can best be seen in the aerial shot in this old listing.) When the construction has wrapped up, the house will have 11 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms; already present and complete are the 12-seat theater with fancy "fully automated" chairs, custom water fountains, saltwater swimming pool, and a glass elevator that connects the immediate backyard to a tennis court and sauna on another part of the nearly two-acre property. We know what you're thinking: How will your servants ever figure out how to run this giant mansion? Chill. Liongate, says the home's site, "may be delivered with a fully trained staff if so desired." It is also being sold fully furnished. The asking price is $65 million.

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