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Cornerspotted: Twelfth and Main Streets in Downtown

This week's winner is Mod, who correctly guessed the Hotel Kermit's Fashion District intersection in yesterday's Cornerspotter game using the Bendix Building in the background at Twelfth and Maple. What does the intersection look like today? And what about that church?

The old St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church building, whose spires you see a block behind the Hotel Kermit, is no longer there, because, as Brian Sorensen mentioned, it burned down. The fire, blamed on old electrical wiring, ravaged the church in 1983, but there's a new St. Joseph's there now, erected in 1985. An LA Times article about the groundbreaking for the new church tells us that "[t]he old St. Joseph's, built to serve German-speaking immigrants, was dedicated in 1903 and featured stained-glass windows from Munich and an ornate, wood-carved Gothic interior." It mentions that the original bells and some of the original bricks were incorporated into the replacement church, whose tower can be seen in the present-day photo.

· Hint: Where Could You Stay at the Hotel Kermit in the 1930s? [Curbed LA]