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13 Broadway Building Façades Getting New Designer Lighting

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The city's Bringing Back Broadway effort is hoping that brighter buildings will attract more foot traffic to the rapidly-reviving corridor, and has now selected 13 buildings to receive a cumulative $750,000 in grants to light up their façades. Councilmember Jose Huizar notes that, beyond showing off the architectural beauty of the buildings, the lighting will "help create a safer, more attractive Broadway," says the Downtown News. (Hollywood Bowl lighting designer Tom Ruzika will design the look for each building.) The biggest winner was the Blade Runner-famous Bradbury Building, which won the largest grant ($166,304) and will use it to put accent lighting on the top floor exterior and eaves. Second runner up, the Million Dollar Theatre, was awarded $138,587 to light the elaborate arch above its marquee, as well as the statues on the third floor.

And here are the other 11 Broadway buildings getting lit up soon:

· Victor Clothing Company Building (242 S. Broadway)
· Zobel Building (353 S. Broadway)
· Bumiller/Campbell Blake Building (430 S. Broadway)
· Metropolitan Building (449 S. Broadway)
· Shulte United Building (529 S. Broadway)
· Broadway Spring Arcade (541 S. Spring St.)
· Clifton's Brookdale Cafeteria (648 S. Broadway)
· Wurlitzer Music Building (818 S. Broadway)
· Eastern Columbia Building (849 S. Broadway)
· Ninth and Broadway Building (850 S. Broadway)
· LL Burns Western Costume Building (aka Sparkle Factory) (908 S. Broadway)
· Broadway Architecture Lighting Grant Winners Announced [DN]