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Los Angeles is the Ninth Riskiest City in the World

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Angelenos, you are daring just for living here. Every day that you emerge from your home, move from bed to work and back again, you are beating the odds—cheating death itself—by completing your daily circuit uncrushed by an epic temblor, according to an an assessment by the reinsurance company Swiss Re that found Los Angeles is the ninth most dangerous city out of 616 metro areas in the potential for natural disasters (via the Guardian), with the damage measured both in people potentially affected and, the only truly important thing, value of the working days lost. LA's omnipresent earthquake threat pushed it to the top of the list (zombie-pocalypses, ancient prophesies, and the inevitable sharknado were somehow not considered, though). Swiss Re reports there is some good news, though: LA is "not as vulnerable to tsunami as might be expected." Yes, that was the only good news.

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