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Nation's First 4D Movie Theater Headed to LA Live

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Ever been blown at the movies? Soon you can, legally and non-sexually, at the Regal multiplex at South Park's LA Live, which plans on installing a 4DX theater that will shoot air, water, bubbles, scents, and strobe lights, and thrash patrons around in their chairs, reports The theater will be the first in the nation to offer such technology, which comes courtesy of Korean company CJ 4DPLEX. Ninety-one such screens have already opened in 23 countries (including Ukraine and Venezuela, oddly). The company's website shows movies like the Spider-Man franchise, that drag racing mess Need for Speed, and Noah (cool) as the type receiving the 4D treatment. Outfitting one of the Downtown Regal's 14 screens will cost about $2 million and the upgraded theater will seat 100 people. Ticket prices have yet to be determined, though they'll probably make the Arclight's highway robbery price-points seem like the discount matinee.

4DX Cinema from Colorcam on Vimeo.

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