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Warner Center's Getting a Huge Mixed-Use High-Rise 'Hood

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It's been quite a while since we heard anything about Warner Center's enormous, 47-acre ex-Rocketdyne site, but now all of a sudden there's enormous news: it's set to become a $3-billion, eco-friendly, transit-oriented, high-rise community. (No word yet on how many stories those high-rises might be.) Seems like those efforts toward a more "cosmopolitan" Warner Center are in full swing (Streetsblog's "Manhattanization" is probably more accurate). The new development will add more than five million square feet to the Center: 3.95 million of that will be residential, but the development will also have lots of public space, a 155,000-square-foot hotel, and an assisted living development, adding up to what developers hope will be a "24/7, transit-oriented location," reports the Daily News.

The website for Boston Global Investors, which is handling design and permitting for the megaproject, describes "a central park, new open spaces, sidewalk retail and a walkable, live-work-recreation environment" incorporated into the new neighborhood (while the material on the site is not dated, its figures match those reported in the LADN). This all lines up perfectly with the city's recently-adopted Master Plan for WC, which encourages development that will make the area more walkable, transit-focused, and attractive enough to workers that they might want to move in.

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