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Can This Mixed-User Improve Depressing Sunset/La Brea Area?

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Here's a looksie at developer Isaac Cohanzad's proposed mixed-user for Sunset and Detroit, just a block from possibly the most dreadful intersection in Hollywood: gas-station-and-strip-mall-plagued Sunset and La Brea. Squat buildings at the site have already been demolished and the site is prepping for the arrival of a five-story mixed-use building with 44 units, 2,950-square-feet of retail, and nearly 7,800-square-feet of open space, including a courtyard, roof garden, rec room, and private balconies. There will also be two levels of parking with 117 spots, allowing two spots per unit—really, we're still doing this in transit-friendly Hollywood?—with the extra for the retail. The planning department is just vetting the project now, so maybe the city will slash the parking, but that's probably not a good bet.

· Mixed-Use Apts. Proposed for Sad Stretch of Sunset by La Brea [Curbed LA]