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Are You "Hard-Working" Enough to Buy the Flashy Sunset Strip House in That Cadillac Ad?

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The commercial for the new Cadillac ELR (the company's $75,000 electric hybrid car) was fine or whatever, but it seems to have unintentionally been a better ad for the house it features, says the New York Times. The house gets a lot of coverage as some proud-to-be-a-hard-working-white-collar guy walks through, giving high-fives to the kids, chastising non-Americans for not leaving stuff on the moon, and changing into a snappy suit with Superman speed. Once featured in a Forbes article on spec mansions, the property is walking distance from the Sunset Strip and has been on and off the market since the summer of 2013 (though the official listing with The Agency has it marked as "just listed"). The enormous (13,000 square feet) villa, designed by architect Hagy Belzberg, has a lot of high-end features that the commercial crops out: "parking for 30 vehicles, garage space for up to five more, and safe harbor for about 800 bottles of wine." (The wine storage, by the way, is designed so that the wine bottles almost look as though they've been shot out of a gun and are hurtling toward you. American innovation!) The asking price? $28.8 million. If you have that kind of money, sure, you can probably afford to take two weeks off in August.

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