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Spooky Old Fung Lum Restaurant to be Demolished Soon For Universal City Hotel

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The once-striking Fung Lum Chinese restaurant is on the verge of demolition to make way for a new hotel that's part of the NBC Universal Evolution plan, according to SkyscraperPage and Inside Universal. Green fencing now surrounds the restaurant, a luxury Asian palace that opened in 1982 and offered stunning views of the Valley to the hundreds of patrons who would crowd inside its pagoda. Fung Lum closed in 1998 and was then periodically used for filming, e.g., the forgettable 2007 ping-pong comedy Balls of Fury, and by taggers, squatters, and possibly ghosts. (Phantom Los Angeles blogger Bryan Schroat says he heard otherworldly voices there.) Universal, which is in the midst of knocking down the Gibson Amphitheatre and the Curious George playland, is building a 500-room hotel on the site of Fung, with another hotel planned for the entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood.

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