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Imagining a Floating City Spanning the 110/101 Interchange

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If there are fantastical, colorful renderings of architects' sci-fi visions for future skyscrapers floating around on the internet, that usually means that it's eVolo Skyscraper contest season. This year has brought Los Angeles "Skyvillage", which would connect four sections around the 110 and the 101 interchange with a structure that looks like a bunch of ant tunnels on the inside and a geodesic playground jungle gym on the outside. The building would fill what it counts as 27 acres between the freeways' looping, overlapping roadways with "green filtering towers" that would connect Downtown, Chinatown, Echo Park, and the Temple/Beaudry no-man's-land into one car-free "architectural organism" that, besides cleaning the air, would act "as a floating city with space for apartments, schools, restaurants, and shops," as our pals at The Verge put it.

· Skyvillage For Los Angeles [eVolo]