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Wee "Gingerbread House" in Laurel Canyon Asking $629k

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Guess it must be Storybook season 'round these parts. Last week, the quaint Koreatown bungalow court designed by Danish muralist Einar C. Petersen in 1921 came on the market, while this week brings us the tiny cottage in Laurel Canyon known as "the Gingerbread House." Built in 1924, the Grimm's fairytale-esque cottage contains two bedrooms, one bath, kitchen, dining room, and living room, all in a compact 756 square feet. The listing notes that the kitchen and bath have been updated, but unfortunately provides no interior photos. Last sold in 2010 for $545,000, the property is now asking $629,000.

· 8400 Ridpath Drive [Estately]